The Photo Game: A Picturing of One’s Self

an analog mirror selfie for the Photo Game

The Photo Game: A Picturing of One’s Self
a reflection of myself in the window of a restaurant


I've joined Kenneth Wajda and a small group of photographers in a weekly photo game. Each week Kenneth writes a prompt, and we're each tasked with creating a photograph that meets the prompt.

There are a few rules:

  • All submissions must be scans of film, no photos from digital cameras
  • Images must be taken, processed, and submitted by 8AM each Saturday
  • Miss a week, and you're out

My goal in playing is simple. Get out and shoot film.

This Week

This week's prompt is "A Picturing of One’s Self," which I interpreted as a self portrait. My submission is simply a photo of my reflection in the window of a restaurant.

I took the picture using Ilford HP5+ and my father's Nikon N90s.

I'm on the fence about this photo. It's not a great one, and I wouldn't share it if not for the Photo Game. That being said, there is something playful about photographing your reflection. Maybe that's why there are so many mirror selfies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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