The Photo Game: Man Made

Last weekend, my dad and I rode our motorcycles to Black Hawk, Colorado.

The Photo Game: Man Made
1998 BMW K1200RS with the checkerboard pattern in yellow


I joined Kenneth Wajda and a small group of photographers in a weekly photo game a while ago. Kenneth wrote a prompt each week and tasked us with creating a photograph that met the prompt. Unfortunately, Kenneth's photo game is taking a break.

Since I'm not prepared to give up the game, my wife graciously agreed to provide me with a surprise prompt each week so that I can continue.

The rules are still the same:

  • All submissions must be scans of film; no photos from digital cameras
  • Images must be captured, processed, and submitted by 8 AM each Saturday
  • Miss a week, and you're out

My goal in playing is simple. Get out and shoot film.

This Week

This week's submission is a bit literal. It's a picture of the man who made me. See what I did there?

Last weekend, my dad and I rode our motorcycles to Black Hawk, Colorado. It's a short ride from Denver to Golden, then Golden to Blackhawk via Clear Creek Canyon–about an hour each way. I love riding my motorcycle, and I quickly accepted the invitation when Dad asked. There's something therapeutic about spending a couple of hours in your helmet, focusing on the road and the scenery.


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